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What is open innovation platform?

25.10.2016 | Uutiset

How open innovation platforms support city development?

Read developer handbook here.

Innovation platforms are working environments that further the development of products and services.

They can be defined as any operating environment, technology, system, company, product or service, whose development and/or content production has been systematically opened up to outside developers and value creation, and whose key aims are the benefit produced by the platform’s users to each other and the network effect brought by participation.

Openness and the platform approach are a good fit for the long-standing trend in public administration, where the dialogue between different parties and especially with the citizens has been emphasised, and co-operation in service production has increased.

One of the key messages of the handbook is that platform orientation is an operating principle arising from a profound social change; it is not the latest buzzword of management manuals that will change next year.