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Oppimisen uusi aika – Adopting new technology and ensuring its success, Workshop in Turku

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Päiväys ja aika
09:00 - 14:30

ICT-City, Kupittaa

Presenter & Facilitator: Werner Ravyse, Turku Game Lab / Turku University of Applied Sciences

Welcome to a workshop on how to adopt new technologies with special references to some of the rapid experimentation processes thus far taken on by Turku University of Applied Sciences within the Tulevaisuuden älykkäät oppimisympäristöt / Smart Learning Environments for the Future project. The workshop is aimed at start-ups and SMEs, but can be attended by anyone interested.

Registration by June 11:

The main outcomes of the workshop are:

  • a theoretical profile in relation to your new technology adoption process
  • practical understanding to overcome the challenges faced with new technology implementations
  • a tangible draft roll-out plan for your organisational or educational new technology pursuit


09:00 – Arrival and coffee

09:30 – Theory lecture: The Technology Adoption Curve… where on the curve are you with your team

10:00 – Theory continued: Challenges in deploying new technology

10:30 – Case studies of deploying technology in the classroom

11:00 – Discussion: Forming a draft technology implementation framework

11:30 – Lunch

12:30 – Practical work: Uncovering your requirements

12:45 – Practical work: Identify the technology to solve your need

13:00 – Facilitated session: Develop your technology roll-out plan

14:00 – Closing remarks

More information:

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