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Kasvun ekosysteemit -Startup Rekry Recruitment and Talents

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08:30 - 12:00

Tribe Tampere

Welcome to join our breakfast that is designed and carefully curated for startups on recruitment and talents prior to Startup Rekry Recruitment Event.

Filled with most practical information, inspirational content and hands-on workshops and open discussions to help both startups and scaleups build amazing teams!

STARTUPS and SCALEUPS – Come and discover the most practical tips and experiences from others!

Even if you are not yet hiring at the very moment, this event is a place to learn while building connections with talents in the afternoon for the future when you are scaling or funded.

Startup Breakfast is a pre-event for Startup Rekry Recruitment Event and targeted only for startups and scaleups as well as potential startup entrepreneurs interested in the topic.


Part One – Info Sessions & Talks
Part Two – Workshop
Part Three – Crowdsourced Parallel Sparring Discussions

First, City of Tampere and Business Finland will present tools, support and services available for startups to benefit from on recruiting talents.

Speakers and Talks:
– How to build a recruitment strategy to find the right talent? – Bea Grandell, Finders&Seekers
– Why employee personal branding is important for hiring – Elisabet Miheludaki, Amplaffy
– Building Diverse Startup Teams – Pouria Kay, Grib3D

In last part, we will gather the topic ideas for discussion from startup founders&recruiters and most voted ones will be discussed in parallel within groups.

To join Startup Rekry and have an assigned table to meet most enthusiastic talents in town that can help you achieve your dreams,
Please contact or

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