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Kasvun ekosysteemit – Growth program for Urban Tech Companies

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Päiväys ja aika
30.04.2020 - 24.05.2020
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We are looking for growth-seeking Urban Tech companies solve the challenges of ever-growing cities like mobility and logistics, food production, circular economy and energy production – are you one of them? The new growth program brings together entrepreneurs, mentors and stakeholders in Vantaa, the home of metropolitan high-tech production and the fastest growing city in Finland.

For 11 Thursdays between June and October innovative startups and SMEs meet experts to accelerate their growth for the international markets. The main focus of the program is in building sales and funding plans, presentation materials and selling skills. Teams who are ready and willing to commit to growth and innovative mindset are invited to apply to the program.

After the program the companies will have a set of customized tools in their use: a pitch deck, an international sales execution plan and financial plans for growth. Also, they will connect with an expanded network including dozens of mentors, investors, corporates and RDI &city stakeholders.

Accelerate your urban tech company to international markets and apply now!

What is in the program?

11 team sessions between June 11 – October 22 with Golden Gateway experts & mentors
Themes: international sales, funding and pitching
Investor, stakeholder and corporate networking events
Demo Day + pitching opportunities

Who should join?

Startups and SMEs with a strong will to grow in international markets and market-ready product or service, that solves urbanization’s challenges or is linked to the key clusters of Vantaa.


Vantaa, Finland (TBD)

How to join?

Apply between April 30 – May 24 here

Cost for the company?

Free of charge. Travel and/or accommodation costs are not covered. Amount of de minimis support: 4000€/company.

More information:

Project Manager Kaisa Ahonen kaisa.t.ahonen(a) +358 40 193 2177

Project Assistant Sirkku Alaluusua sirkku.alaluusua(a) +358 40 162 8308

Urban Tech growth program is funded by 6Aika Ecosystems of Growth: enabling the growth of companies through collaboration.

The project aims to generate new business activities in city regions and support growth oriented companies to better access networks and innovation ecosystems that support their needs. Project is a joint effort by the six largest cities in Finland: Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Turku and Oulu, together with the Council of Tampere Region. The idea of cities having a significant role in developing and activating networks to support innovation in companies, guides project implementation.