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Growth Ecosystem – Health Entrepreneurship ABC Workshop series

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Päiväys ja aika
09.09.2020 - 09.12.2020
15:00 - 17:00

Wondering how to turn your idea into a business? This workshop series, starting on September 9, will show you how!

The goal of this event series is to provide the audience with the basic knowledge of getting started with an idea to hopefully turn it into a business in the future. During the workshops, mentors will guide participants to advance their individual cases. After going through the entire series, the participants will have a solid understanding of what is required of them to proceed with their ideas.

Topics to be covered:
1. September: How to get started with your idea
2. October: Lean Canvas & Verifying your Idea
3. November: How to Get Your Idea Funded
4. December: Intellectual Property Rights

For whom:
People not experienced in entrepreneurship who have an idea and would like to put it into action, e.g. researchers, students, clinicians, etc.

Live at Terkko Health Hub. Online streaming will be available during the event as well.

Check the detailed programme and information for registration through the individual links provided under this.

9.9.2020 Health Entrepreneurship ABC: How to get started with your idea
The first event will focus on the very basics of business development.

13.10.2020 at 9-12 Health Entrepreneurship ABC: Lean Canvas & Verifying your Idea
The second event focuses on how to take the first steps in bringing your academic skills into action and creating impact in society. We will also discuss about maximizing your learning speed. (Please take notice of the time!)

9.11.2020 Health Entrepreneurship ABC: How to get your idea funded
Funding is the theme of our third event; what is it, is startup funding relevant for you and what should you take into account?

9.12.2020 Health Entrepreneurship ABC: Intellectual Property Rights
In this training, you will get a good overview of intellectual properties (IP), as well as different forms of IP protection.

The workshop series is part of the project Ecosystems of Growth.

More information:
Terkko Health Hub Facebook page

Picture: Health Entrepreneurship ABC Workshop series/Ecosystems of Growth project