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Ecosystems of Growth – Food ecosystem meeting

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Päiväys ja aika
14:30 - 16:30

The Vantaa Food Cluster together with Tarinapata Ltd invites the actors in the food chain for a brainstorming and a co-development workshop to think of new ideas for developing and streamlining their own operations. By joining forces within the industry verticals, we can create inspiring ideas!

“From impossible to opportunities”

REGISTER HERE : by 14rd of June, 16:00

For your specific needs please also answer the preliminary questions in the form. Your answers are very much appreciated and only used to plan the workshop according to your most pressing challenges. All answers are confidential.

The co-development workshop will look for ways to take action in the wake of the long-running Covid-19 pandemic and think of advanced ways to take your business forward in collaboration with the food cluster network, share skills, will, knowledge and connections. We are welcoming all actors in the food chain to collaborate, create gains and optimize revenue streams.


14:30-14:35 Opening of the event Mika Perttunen, Business and Economic development manager, City of Vantaa

14:35-14:40 Introduction of participants (Name and organization)

14:40-14:45 ”Overview to FoodTech key stakeholders in Finland/Nordics” Tommi Uitti, Startup Ecosystem Community Manager, Business Tampere

14:45-15:05 Overview of the current state of the food industry and new prospects Tarinapata Ltd. Kim Palhus

➢ The sale and distribution channels for food items have exploded, are we ready and involved?
➢ How can we capitalize on the various logistic and transportation streams and the growth of take away and home delivery? Let’s create new, out of the box partnerships!
➢ How will restaurants get their customers back after the restrictions?
➢ How can your company respond to changed customer needs and wishes?
➢ Competent, service-minded and committed staff – how do you ensure an important resource?
➢ How does your company stand out from the competition and make it more visible?

15:05-15:20 Pitching 2 min/ presentation (book your pitch through REGISTRATION by 14th of June 16:00)

15:20-16:00 Workshop in teams, facilitated by Tarinapata Ltd. Participants are divided into teams based on the preliminary questions (in the registration form)

16:00-16:25 Presentations of results & feedback, comments and opponing 5 min/presentation, 2 min for feedback, comments and opponing

16:25-16:30 Summary and next steps Tarinapata Ltd. Kim Palhus

All ideas and concepts will be documented and shared. The organizer will also investigate possible development tracks and funding opportunities for most viable ideas/concepts.


Kuva: KESY-hanke/Vantaan kaupunki