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Ecosystems of Growth – Energy Growth Lab: Grand Finale

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Päiväys ja aika
15:00 - 16:45

Welcome to Energy Growth Lab Grand Finale event on Tuesday 22nd June!

We will showcase some of the most interesting scale-ups in the energy and smart buildings sectors in Finland as the final culmination of a 5 week growth program.

Join us to learn, get inspired, network and make valuable connections with industry leaders, professionals and growth hungry entrepreneurs. We believe that when the right people come together, anything is possible.

Register yourself to the event via this link.


15:00–15:15 Welcome to the event

15:15–15:30 Inspirational talk

15:30–15:45 Introduction to the judges

15:45–16:30 Pitching and judges’ feedback

16:30–16:45 Thank you from the organizers & next steps

Read more information about the Energy Growth Lab.

The event is organised in collaboration with 6Aika Ecosystems of Growth and Epicenter Helsinki.

Picture: Evgeny Tchebotarev, Pexels