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Digikyvykkyys – Careers in Printed Electronics

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09:00 - 10:00

Sure, you have heard of printed electronics before. But what kind of careers can you make out of it? Hear the answer from people who have.

Oulu is a hotspot for printed electronics expertise, and we gathered some top researchers and employers to tell their story and career opportunities. There is also a chance to ask them any questions you might have on this topic.

The webinar is open for everyone to join. Join the webinar here with this Teams link.

Who’s talking?

Rafal Sliz is a Doctor of Science in Technology and a researcher at the University of Oulu. He specializes in Flexible and Printed Electronics and Organic and Inorganic Photovoltaics.

TactoTek integrates printed electronics with standard electronic components. Their In-mold structural electronics (IMSE) allows lighter and thinner designs that are also more durable. Read more from

Screentec makes various types of printed electronics products to be used in hospitals, vehicles, professional kitchens and industry settings. Read more form

MoveSole utilizes printed electronics to create a new way of analysing human motion and gait. Their MoveSole Smart Insole provides the ability to make deep analysis outside laboratory settings. Read more from


  • 9.00-9.05 Welcome by Prof. Tapio Fabritius, University of Oulu
  • 9.05-9.15 Researcher presentation: Rafal Sliz, University of Oulu
  • 9.15-9.30 Employer presentation: TactoTek Antti Keränen, CTO & Co-Founder,
  • 9.30-9.40 Employer presentation: Screentec Christina Liedert
  • 9.40-9.50 Employer presentation: MoveSole, Eero Kaikkonen
  • 9.50- Q&A

The event is organised by Digikyvykkyys project.

Picture: Digikyvykkyys project