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6Aika at Nordic Edge Expo & Conference, Stavanger

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25.09.2018 - 27.09.2018
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Stavanger Forum

6Aika, The Six City Strategy is heading to Nordic Egde Expo & Conference, Stavanger, Norway!

Programme Tuesday, September 25

Main stage 09:55-10:10
Recipes for Happy Citizens and Thriving Businesses,
Kimmo Heinonen, Chief Advisor, City of Helsinki, member of 6Aika Steering Board

Parallel Tracks 14:00-15:30 (room Snønuten)
6Aika Workhop: How to Enhance Urban Circular Economy through Inclusive Experiments,
Antti Lippo & Louna Laurila, Demos Helsinki; Katrine Strøm, COWI

6Aika stand no. C80 at the exhibition area 12:00-16:00
Open 6Aika TalkShop – come and share your knowledge!
12:00    How do Smart Cities in Finland co-operate and co-create? How to do this globally?
13:00    What do cities actually need from IoT?
14:00    Cities and Open Innovation Platforms
15:00    Spaces as a service – cornerstone for smooth living in smart cities
16:00    TBC

Programme Wednesday, September 26

Vindafjord Expo Stage 13:30-14:00
6Aika: Cities as an Open Innovation Platform
Jari Jokisalo, BusinessOulu, 6Aika Open Innovation Platforms project

6Aika stand no. C80 at the exhibition area 12:00-14:00
Open 6Aika TalkShop – come and share your knowledge!
12:00     What technologies support co-operation and co-creation in Smart Cities in Finland?
13:00     Why is city guiding essential in Smart Cities & how to develop it together with SME’s?
14:00     Energy Wise Cities – What is the Future of Zero Energy Renovation?

Programme Thursday, September 27

6Aika stand no. C80 at the exhibition area 11:00
Open 6Aika TalkShop – come and share your knowledge!
Why and how should EdTech products be co-created together with schools?

KnowHow EdTech Workshop 13:00-14:10
Management when the  work processes change,
Anna Rantapero-Laine, 6Aika Smart Learning Environments of the Future project, City of Helsinki

We are located at stand no. C80 in Stavanger Forum. You are welcome to come and have a chat with us anytime between 9:00-16:00 during the expo!

We organise open 6Aika TalkShops around various smart city themes at our stand. 6Aika TalkShop is a short 20 min. discussion about chosen smart city theme. Come and share your knowledge!

The three-day conference and exhibition will be packed with talks, new technology and projects, but it goes far beyond a traditional tech fair. Nordic Edge Expo is an arena for knowledge exchange and inspiration to creators of smarter businesses, cities and societies.

For more info on 6Aika at Nordic Edge Expo, please contact:

Minna Torppa
Programme Director
Six City Strategy Office

Petra Turtiainen
Programme Manager
Six City Strategy Office