Six Cities

One third of Finland’s population lives in Six Cities. When these cities combine their forces and bring together also other stakeholders to develop new services, it reinforces the competitive strength of the entire country.

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In Helsinki, the Six City Strategy promotes experimental and open-minded business cooperation in which the city serves as a testing platform and development partner for companies. Solving the multi-faceted challenges faced by major cities provides companies with global business opportunities.

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The City of Espoo is opening up its service production for new ideas, inviting both companies and the users of its services to contribute. Espoo is a forerunner in accelerated co-creation of schools and companies. Companies have been invited to schools to pilot and co-create new services.

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Six City Strategy projects contribute to the development of Tampere as part of programme-based urban development. Projects are carried out in e.g. the Smart Tampere programme.

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In Vantaa, the Six City Strategy operations have focused on developing growth centres, and reforming the shopping areas together with companies. Participation opportunities for companies and NGO’s  have developed in the City’s own operations, such as land use planning and permits processes.

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In Oulu, the Six City Strategy has accelerated the co-creation of products and services. A culture of experimentation and the methods of co-creation are taking root in the City. Services related to innovation platforms have been productised and companies have been granted access to various development and testing environments.

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In Turku, the Six City Strategy projects have been integrated into the City’s strategy, as well as its competitiveness and well-being programmes. Turku uses the projects to draw attention to the City’s own spearhead projects, such as the Smart and Wise Turku project. The Six City Strategy also supports the goal of Carbon-neutral Turku 2029.