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Roboboost meets the education needs of working life and educational institutions in the fields of robotics and auxiliary technologies. The project aims to bring the currently scattered robotics experts, operators and those who need robotic solutions together. Growth companies and companies affected by structural change are in dire need of robotics experts. We need to transfer data from industries that utilise robotics to industries that are only starting to adopt robotics. Roboboost is focused on advanced smart manufacturing, the health and care industry and the field of industrial manufacturing (e.g. real estate, logistics, circular economy, food, and the plastic and rubber industry).

The goal of the Roboboost project is to create a learning ecosystem. The project develops cooperation models between working life and educational institutions. Currently, education providers react to the needs of working life too slowly, and the content of education does not correspond with the present and future needs of working life sufficiently in terms of robotics.

The project aims to increase the competence of students, companies, public organisations and the staff of educational institutions in terms of robotics, auxiliary technologies and their maintenance. The project seeks to provide individuals with the competence and tools to support continual learning and changes in professional identity. At the same time, the vocational colleges involved in the project develop forms of cooperation and operating models to support the implementation of the reform of vocational upper secondary education. The project also meets companies’ and public organisations’ needs to network together to promote robotics.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is coordinating the project. Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, the City of Tampere / Tampere Vocational College Tredu, the City of Turku / Turku Vocational Institute TAI and the City of Vantaa / Vantaa Vocational College Varia are other partners in the project. The project will run from 1 April 2020 to 31 December 2021 and has a budget of EUR 1,182,971.

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