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Vuosaari Harbour, photo: Satu Pasanen/VTT

The Carbon Neutral and Resource Wise Industrial Areas project, or HNRY, promoted the development of industrial areas towards carbon neutrality. The project sought measures to reduce emissions from machinery and streamlining the use of materials. It also coached companies on carbon neutrality.

The HNRY project was implemented in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Turku.

Results of the HNRY project

The HNRY project brought together cities and research institutions that have a shared interest in creating carbon-neutral industrial areas. The project sought means to reduce machinery emissions, streamline material utilisation and encourage those already making progress in low carbon measures towards carbon neutrality and coach other companies in initiating their measures. This was all partly based on the cities’ carbon neutrality goals for 2029–2035. The City of Helsinki coordinated the HNRY project with the cities of Espoo, Vantaa and Turku, the University of Turku Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku Science Park and VTT as partners. The project period was 1 May 2019–31 May 2021 with a budget of 1,170,776 euros.

Further information

Susanna Suomalainen
City of Helsinki

Iina Kallio
City of Espoo

Niina Ruuska
City of Turku

Ari-Santeri Talja
City of Vantaa

Vesa Erkkilä
Turku Science Park

Essi Silvonen
University of Turku, Finland Futures Research Centre

Satu Pasanen