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Medeka Oy tested the Virtuaalireitti service at the Kuuselakeskus senior centre in Tampere. Photo: HIPPA project

The HIPPA project has developed smart service housing products and services in collaboration with companies in Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu. In addition to this, HIPPA has provided sparring services to companies for the commercialisation and marketing of products. The project has combined expertise in social services and health care, information and communications technology, property and building services engineering and business economics.

Companies’ products and services have been tested at the units of Sointu Senioripalvelut in Tampere, service housing units for the elderly and special needs groups in Oulu, Myllypuro Senior Centre in Helsinki and customers’ homes, among others. Over a hundred companies have contributed to the HIPPA project.

The video includes an interview with the HIPPA project’s Project Manager Toini Harra from approximately 3:13 onwards.

Results of the HIPPA project

  • The HIPPA project has developed operating models for the co-creation, testing, piloting, commercialisation and marketing of user-driven products and services. The project created the TUTTUnet testing and support network to facilitate development work in the well-being and health sector. The models and tools are suitable for user-driven product and service development in other sectors as well.
  • TUTTUnet includes a Palvelut (Services) section aimed at companies, which collects information on the product and service development units of cities and universities. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences aims to continue running TUTTUnet for at least five years after the end of the HIPPA project. The network will be expanded and the information therein will also be translated into English in spring 2021 to promote international cooperation.
  • The pilots organised under the HIPPA project have involved the development of safety bracelets, positioning services and an application for communication between residents, their family members and staff, among other things. The project has tested a virtual map service for making exercise more appealing, the suitability of a shared-use tablet for use in service housing and remote applications and programmes for rehabilitation, for example.
  • The HIPPA project established open developer clubs focusing on smart service housing in Helsinki, Oulu and Tampere. Participants have included companies, service housing residents and staff, individuals interested in the topic, residents’ friends and family, experts and students. The clubs have accelerated companies’ product development by sharing information, experiences, good practices and contacts.
  • The project also organised two innovation competitions, one in Oulu and another that was nation-wide.

The aim of the HIPPA – Wellbeing and better service housing through digitalisation project has been to facilitate the user-driven product and service development of companies in the 6Aika cities to promote smart service housing and living at home. The project is coordinated by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, with the other project partners being the City of Helsinki, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, the City of Oulu and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The project runs from 1 August 2018 to 31 March 2021 and has a budget of approx. EUR 1.5 million.

Further information

Toini Harra
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Sanna Hartman
City of Helsinki

Annika Honkavaara
City of Helsinki

Kirsi Jokinen
Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Päivi Meriläinen
City of Oulu

Tarja Heinonen
Tampere University of Applied Sciences