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Photo: Hiedanranta gardens, Visit Tampere/Laura Vanzo

The goal of the KIEPPI Partnership model for sustainable neighbourhoods project is to develop Kera in Espoo, Hiedanranta in Tampere and Tiedepuisto in Turku into sustainable neighbourhoods that generate new jobs and business based on circular economy and the sharing economy. The project will be creating a carbon-neutral neighbourhood platform model, where the material flows required for the growth of cities circulate in a way that is as closed and resource-efficient as possible. The project will facilitate the development and bringing together of new circular economy solutions that support the development of the districts involved into sustainable and attractive areas.

The KIEPPI project will develop a partnership model for sustainable neighbourhoods, which defines operating methods based on the cooperation of cities, residents, businesses and research activities to implement circular economy in designing and building infrastructure and services in selected districts.

KIEPPI consists of three consecutive phases that are repeated during each year of implementation. The partnership model for sustainable cities will be built throughout these phases. Development partnerships for the partnership model are sought during the first phase. This is achieved by inviting companies, research institutions and residents to develop their neighbourhoods together with the City.

The second phase consists of implementing the actual pilots, which are focused on themes such as

• premises and services for circular economy and the sharing economy
• the utilisation of nutrient, energy and material flows
• solutions for urban food production
• the utilisation of waste and side streams
• versatile blue and green infrastructure with health benefits.

In the third phase, the results of the project will be scaled to district and city levels, and finally, the partnership model will be exported to other cities as a concept.

The project is coordinated by the City of Tampere, partners being the City of Espoo and Turku Science Park. The project period is 1 August 2019–30 June 2021 with a budget of 1,370,974 euros.


Further information:
Karoliina Tuukkanen
Project Manager
City of Tampere
tel. +358 44 538 2103, karoliina.tuukkanen(at)

Image of Hiedanranta: Visit Tampere/Laura Vanzo