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With the Ecosystems of Growth project, the Six Cities support the research and product development of growth-seeking companies through innovation services and new networks. At present, the services and networks serving growth-seeking companies are fragmented. After the starting phase in particular, the services diverge, no longer steering companies towards growth. The Ecosystems of Growth project will develop innovation ecosystems for companies, which will include representatives from businesses, universities, investors and customers. These ecosystems will focus on improving the conditions of companies, facilitating the national and international networking and creating new initiatives.

The participating cities will establish innovation clusters for the research and development of select industries. The project will also involve organising networking events as well as coaching programmes focusing on the development of innovations and business operations. In response to the information needs of companies services, the project will also develop that support companies’ knowledge management. In addition to this, the project will allow cities to increase their awareness of the factors affecting the establishment and growth of companies. This will in turn help cities to develop services and operating models that support companies in the right ways.

The project is coordinated by the City of Helsinki and the partners are the City of Espoo, the City of Oulu/BusinessOulu, the Council of Tampere Region, the Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea (Business Tampere), Turku Science Park and the City of Vantaa.

The project will run from 1 August 2018 to 31 March 2021 and has a budget of EUR 4,416,087.

Further information:

Saana Rantsi
Project Manager
City of Helsinki
tel. +358 40 1699392, saana.rantsi(at)

Sub-project project managers:
City of Espoo: katja.m.hagman(at)
City of Vantaa: kaisa.t.ahonen(at)
Business Tampere: sami.puttonen(at)
Council of Tampere Region: lari.jaakkola(at)
Turku Science Park: marko.puhtila(at)
Business Oulu: pirjo.koskiniemi(at)