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Smart cities and their services are built upon wireless technologies and efficient utilisation of data. Consequently, cities are now actively investing in various sensor technologies and seeking potential Internet of Things (IoT) applications for developing their services. The challenges lie in identifying the possibilities and data security aspects of IoT and being able to comprehensively utilise data from multiple different sources.

The objectives of the CityIoT project are

  • to define an open and operator-independent data integration platform and a harmonised reference architecture
  • to define API requirements for systems
  • to build an IoT piloting environment
  • to activate SMEs to participate and utilise pilot environments for the development of new products
  • to create new business opportunities related to the utilisation of IoT data for companies
  • to facilitate the development of new wireless technologies
  • to speed up the execution of national and international strategies for enhancing digitalisation in Finland

The lead partner of the CityIoT project is the University of Oulu, other partners the City of Oulu, the City of Tampere, TTY Foundation and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. The project will run from 1 September 2017 to 31 May 2020 and has a budget of EUR 2,654,044.

Further information:
Pirjo Rousu
Project Coordinator
University of Oulu
tel. +358 (0)50 573 4763