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The Six City Strategy results publication ‘Era of Cities’ is out now! The publication summarises the results and experiences of the Six Cities’ joint development.

The Six City Strategy, 6Aika, began a new chapter in the development of Finnish cities – an era of co-creation and agile pilots. Since 2014, dozens of projects that have made cities more open, climate-wiser and smarter have been completed as part of the Six City Strategy. Nearly 4,000 businesses have participated in the strategy, and in this way the strategy has promoted the success of various sectors, boosting vitality throughout the country.

‘Era of Cities’ presents the results of the Six City Strategy. There are three parts in the publication:

  • ‘About the strategy’ introduces the main results of the Six City Strategy
  • ‘From the field and city streets’ describes the impacts of the Six City Strategy on the development of Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Oulu and Turku. This part also includes company cases and stories about jobseekers and students who have improved their competences in 6Aika projects. Furthermore, effects of the strategy under various themes are presented.
  • ‘The future’ section explores the trends influencing the future of cities.

As there are still 6Aika projects ongoing, more results will follow!

See the Six City Strategy results publication ‘Era of Cities’ (pdf)

See also the publication ‘Experiences with 6Aika – How we implemented a joint programme for sustainable urban development‘ (pdf)