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MEDAIA – Experimenting Open Innovation in the Media Field

25.09.2019 | Publications

This publication consists of articles written by authors who participated in the MEDAIA project´s experiments and activities. MEDAIA project explored innovation in the media industry under the Six City Strategy’s Open Innovation Platforms spearhead project. The project executed 13 small-scale sub-projects seeking new ideas and innovation methods and novel collaboration models between universities, companies and public organizations in the Helsinki and Tampere regions.

MEDAIA project discovered that innovation-seeking processes do not always have to be successful. To become a successful innovator, one also needs to learn to fail, and more specifically, one needs to learn how to fail effectively: how to quickly test whether something works or not, how to profit from failures, and how to try again.

Leena Mäkelä (edit), 2017, Tampere University of Applied Sciences:
MEDAIA – Experimenting Open Innovation in the Media Field