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In Vantaa, the Six City Strategy operations have focused on developing growth centres, and reforming the shopping areas together with companies. Participation opportunities for companies and NGO’s  have developed in the City’s own operations, such as land use planning and permits processes.

City Coordinator

Sirkku Alaluusua

City of Vantaa
tel. +358 (0)40 162 8308

Examples of projects

Learn more about the Six City Strategy projects that involve operators from the Vantaa area.

Vantaa co-operates boldly and openly

In Vantaa, the Six City Strategy brings companies, schools and other operators together. Active and natural everyday co-operation has created many networks where the City is developed in a new way.

The Six City Strategy projects in Vantaa focus on innovation, openness and a strong will to work together. Vantaa is a vibrant city that is growing rapidly, and it is important for the City to use the opportunities offered by digitalisation and solve the modern challenges of cities, for example by promoting low-carbon solutions for companies. For Vantaa, the Six City Strategy means bold experiments. Smooth operations, focus on the customer and co-creation are at the heart of all projects. The Six City Strategy projects and the related operating models bring up-to-date competences to Vantaa and also support the City strategy and smart urban development.

In Vantaa, the Six City Strategy has been successfully introduced into the everyday lives of residents: projects and pilots have been used to improve employment, mobility, living environments and services. Companies have networked and increased their co-operation.

This has also improved the companies’ competitive strength. The Six City Strategy has focused both on developing growth centres, such as Tikkurila and Aviapolis, and reforming the Petikko-Varisto and Porttipuisto shopping areas, actively working together with companies. Opportunities for companies and communities have also developed in the City’s own operations, such as land use planning and permits processes. This can be seen in the land use planning of both the Tikkuraitti and Myyrmäki areas. At the same time, co-operation within the City has become closer across divisions.

Photo: City of Vantaa/Sami Lievonen

The community-spirited Vantaa is an excellent partner for companies, residents and communities alike. We want to boldly develop our city and be a future example for other cities as well. Come visit Vantaa!