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Six City Strategy projects contribute to the development of Tampere as part of programme-based urban development. Projects are carried out in e.g. the Smart Tampere programme.

City Coordinator

Anni Joela

Project Manager
Smart Tampere programme, City of Tampere
tel. +358 (0) 40 721 9867

Examples of projects

Learn more about the Six City Strategy projects that involve operators from the Tampere area.

Tampere is being developed in collaboration

Photo: Visit Tampere/Laura Vanzo

Tampere is a state of mind that emphasises ecosystem-based economic development: bringing together actors who develop digital services, products and processes, and the people who use these services. The City’s strategic objective is to be The Best for You. To this end, the City engages in the development of innovative, digital and sustainable smart city solutions in collaboration with companies, research institutions, municipalities and residents. Good everyday life is created through collaboration.

According to us Finns, Tampere is the most loved residential and tourism city in Finland. It is a way of life that takes you along. The city is known for its student-friendliness, beautiful environments and especially its technological expertise. The population of Tampere has grown rapidly in recent years, by approximately 3,500 residents per year, as a result of which the area is characterised by constant new building projects.

Photo: City of Tampere/Susanna Lyly

The lively city wants to make sure that its transportation and construction are carried out smartly. The upcoming tramway, the unique Kansi, the multi-purpose arena, underground parking, tunnels and other logistical structures provide an energetic urban experience. Ensuring that the city can grow sustainably requires new environmentally-friendly and low-emission solutions in the design and construction of new buildings. New solutions are also needed for improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings to reduce emissions from energy consumption.

Tampere is a fruitful innovation platform for companies that develop smart municipal engineering, products and service solutions, such as smart transport systems and future housing. Six City Strategy projects contribute to the development of Tampere-based smart city solutions as part of programme-based urban development. Six City Strategy projects are carried out in e.g. the Smart Tampere programme, in which Six City Strategy projects produce new smart city solutions and new cooperation culture.

As a result of the Six City Strategy, the six largest cities in Finland have worked together to develop a platform-oriented operating method and opened up the cities’ operating environments for the piloting of services and innovations.