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The City of Espoo is opening up its service production for new ideas, inviting both companies and the users of its services to contribute. Espoo is a forerunner in accelerated co-creation of schools and companies. Companies have been invited to schools to pilot and co-create new services.

City Coordinator

Johanna Lyytikäinen

Programme Manager
City of Espoo
tel. +358 (0) 40 723 1833

Examples of projects

Learn more about the Six City Strategy projects that involve operators from the Espoo area.

Espoo grows sustainably

Photo: City of Espoo

In Espoo, services are developed hand in hand with the implementation of the city’s strategy, called the Espoo Story, while simultaneously improving the productivity of services.

Smart mobility, learning and sustainable development are considered
particularly important focus areas. Their development requires the involvement and competence of the entire city community and generates a vast amount of business opportunities.

Espoo is growing and developing rapidly. The network-like city structure is an excellent foundation for sustainable growth. The following environments are particularly interesting platforms on which we can co-create the city community and new services:

  • The growth and development corridor of the West Metro in southern Espoo
  • Kera, the sustainable development neighbourhood by the coastal railway
  • The Waterfront Walkway with its unique landscapes
Photo: City of Espoo/Pasi Hornamo, Summit Media

The City of Espoo wants to open up and expose its service production to new ideas, regardless of whether they are proposed by service users or companies. When it comes to Espoo’s Six City Strategy activities, the best progress so far has been made in a co-creation project that involves both schools and companies. In this project, companies have been invited to schools to pilot and co-create services.

Thanks to the Six City Strategy, the City of Espoo has gained a better ability to identify projects to which external funding should be allocated. This is particularly important in situations where the City is facing new phenomena and needs expertise from outside the City organisation.

Development as an action has also evolved. Espoo residents are now very familiar with development through experiments and pilots, both within the city and in cooperation with companies. The needs of residents and other customers have been identified using new methods, such as artificial intelligence.

The results of the Six City Strategy projects are widely used to pursue further development and new projects at various levels. The City of Espoo has collected its results into a concept and product family called Make with Espoo. Make with Espoo offers open tools for developers and stands as an invitation for everyone to develop new things together with the City of Espoo.

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